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New & Only on VoxPop!

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We are proud to announce TWO Exclusive Titles, ONLY FOUND on the VoxPop Games Platform (www.signup.voxpopgames.net for PC Client Download)

Cygnus Pizza Race ($4 USD) - Crafted by LongPlay Games (https://twitter.com/Longplay_Games)
TRAILER: https://youtu.be/qZumgFxp6Ns


Pixel's Hallows Eve ($2 USD) - by Salt&Pixel
TRAILER: https://youtu.be/fu-blcw16Vg

https://linktr.ee/voxpopgames - For all things VoxPop!

We hope to see everyone Streaming and enjoying these two amazingly fun games!!!


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Love a good racer! I'll have to check this out.


The client was a little buggy for me when I purchased one of the games. If you do end up getting this I'm curious what your experience is.

I see a huge potential in this client! Steam has become over saturated and not friendly to indie games :(


Yeah, I had an issue with an update window popping up 15 times while I was away from my computer.


Congrats on getting exclusivity on a couple games! I hope they do well!