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Helping game devs with market insights and game benchmarking. Would love some ideas and feedback on what would help you!

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Hey developer community! Thanks for the attention. I've recently launched an early alpha version of a free games analysis platform to help indie developers.

You can find it on https://VGinsights.com/

I've been involved in a couple of small indie projects and we always found it really time consuming and difficult to do any research on our game. Steamspy is the best go to source and it's not super convenient for the kind of information an indie developer would need.

So I started this project with a friend to try and bring Steam (and later other) data to game devs in an intuitive and easy to use way.

We'd be delighted if you took a few minutes and had a look and gave us feedback on how we can help you in a better way! It'd be absolutely incredible if you joined our discord and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for your time!


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This is really cool, we've had discussions on the site about early access and self publishing but this site really gives insight into those topics. I wish you had data going back a few more years though. It's difficult to see trends over a 3 year period.

What are your plans for this site long term? I'd really like to see the ability to do some ad-hoc reporting using a tool like vizydrop. I could comb through this data for hours!


Thank you for the feedback, Robert!

The plan is to add another datasource (IGDB) in the next month or so to extent the games list to >130k games across multiple platforms. This will also extend out filter abiltiies - more detailed genres, themes etc.

After that, the plan is to make the dashboard more interactive and add more components to have the capabilities closer to what you could see on vizydrop.

Finally, we do plan to add the feature of being able to export the datasets and use your own tools to comb through them.

It might be that we'll have to make some new features (in the more distant future) paid features in order to support us working on this on a more than hobby basis. What are your thoughts on devs, publishers etc willing to pay to be able to download the datasets / have some more filters & feautres available for them on the platform?


I'm not a fan of paywalls that appear arbitrary, not saying the ones you mentioned were, but the paid aspects must feel natural. I like the idea of paying for analysis of the data. For example, $5/month gives you access to reports that show industry trends and projections. Anyone can access the raw data (export included) and do the work themselves to build these reports, but for a small amount of money you could get access to pre-built ones.


I'm really excited to see where this goes. Are you using Angular 10?


Thanks! Yeah, we're using Angular 10.