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Voronoi F1 Euclidean & Noise 3D Blender Nodes

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More Blender nodes ported to webgl / glsl. This time I was inspired by a Twitter post, i asked the creator if he would translate the nodes into english since it was originally a different language.

I've done Voronoi Node previously but if you go into the blender source, when you switch the drop downs it actually runs different Voronoi functions. So this one is the F1 option with euclidean distance.

Then I had to also port over the Noise Node. After reading the blender manual on the node I learned that its just perlin noise. Code wise though, its actually Fractional Brownian Motion with perlin. The biggest problem with porting this node was that its 3D and 1D Perlin function was built into the OSL core which I can't copy anything over to glsl. Finding a 3D substitute was easy but 1D was a bit of a challenge, but luckly a sample was found on shadertoys.

With all the nodes in place, i tried to replicate as much of the node image as I can, but the lighting calculation just didn't work right. Just multiplying the merged noise by the diffused light was enough to get something decent.

This version doesn't look as good as blender because 1, I dont have any anti-aliasing going on and 2, blender seems to be using emissions/bloom which I dont have working in fungi. But all in all, Its a great sample of some more complex noise mixing and more blender stuff available for the web.

Code is free, Have at it.

[ DEMO ]



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