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Cover image for Toon Metal Shader

Toon Metal Shader

sketchpunk profile image SketchPunk ・1 min read

At the moment I'm in a shader kick, trying to find a fun way to render a new-ish project I'm working on, ProtoForms. This shader was originally created by MinionsArt for unity.

I really like the look so I ported it over to GLSL so that I can use it with WebGL. With some small changes, this shader should also work with Three.js since its all just webgl.

[ DEMO ]




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rgails profile image
Ryan Gails

Looks great! Works well on mobile too.

sketchpunk profile image
SketchPunk Author

i know right ! I tried it the other day expecting to fail since i never test fungi on mobile. I was surprised to see it work.

rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

I continue to be blown away at what can be done using webgl and canvas! Once my 2d kick in godot is done I think I'm going to stake a stab at learning this. Thanks for sharing once again!