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Toon Halftones Shader

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So this is the sort of shader I wanted to create, hence all the recent shader examples I've been doing. Wants to try to have a toon shader using a code based color ramp but using Halftones as a transition between colors.

For extra fun I put in specular light that uses halftones that transitions outward. Found an example of how to handle Directional Rim lighting but in this implementation I reversed it so it happens away from the light source instead of towards it, the idea is to create an extra level of shadow that changes as you move around the character, of course I use halftones to transition between that shadow into the color ramp / specular lighting.

All in All, its a fun little shader of my own design. Hopefully it'll look great for my Protoforms project and looks good as the characters animate.

The Shader is free for anyone who wants to use it for any projects. Have fun and just send me images to see what cool things you guys/gals make.

[ DEMO ]


I have a patreon for anyone who would like to support my work. Everything I do I release as open source. With a enough support I can do this full time and make more stuff for people to use and learn from. https://www.patreon.com/sketchpunk

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This is really cool seeing how your putting it all together!