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SDF Texture Halftone Shader

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So I'm back with another lighting shader. There was some textures being used by a commercial shader that deals with halftones. Someone pointed out that those special looking textures are "Signed Distance Field" textures. The idea of these things is that with a lil bit of math you can resize the shape or pattern by using a scale value between 0 and 1, very much similar to how halftones work, which are just circles of various sizes.

So i found a SDF-ish image of a star on google and with some examples and lots & lots of trail & error, I was able to create something half decent. This is just another "style" i'm exploring. I really enjoy halftones, so why not spruce it up and use textures to defined various different shapes I can use.

In the future I'm going to try to use these sort of patterns as transitions between colors in a toon shader to try to create a nice style that isn't flat nor gradient. How about each set of characters has their own pattern, like the hero gets a stars, bad guys get skull, quest givers a scroll. Maybe quest to find a character with a specific shading pattern? So many wacky Ideas I'm thinking of with this :D

[ DEMO ]



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