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Pivot Transformation

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Read a medium post by @IRCSS and thought to give it a try but instead of dealing with a bunch of matrices, how about just a pivot position and quaternion rotation. Its pretty easy to implement, the secret sauce is that you need to lerp between to original world space vertex and its new rotated position to get that nice arc.



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How do you check the source? Just check it in the browser or is there another way?

Also do you mind linking to the article as well? I can conceptualize how this works with lerp and changing the position, but how does it work with matrices?

Edit: This is a really cool concept!


There you go. Updated the post with direct link to source plus the related links.


Thanks for updating the links.

What's your background, is it as an artist or programmer? What did you use to learn webgl?

I'm kinda both, an artist and a programmer. I like to draw, i tend to always have a sketchbook on me. My day job is as a software engineer, but I tend to make boring software for my day job.

I learned WebGL in the beginning from tutorials online and by dissecting code then rewrite it my own way once I understand how things work. Just kept at it since its the perfect union of Art and Programming.

It really shows and I'm really digging the content your putting together!