Make Line Rider in Unity Pt.5 (FINAL) - Pan & Zoom

samyam_utube profile image samyam ・1 min read

Learn how to make the popular flash game Line Rider in Unity! In the finale episode of this mini-series, we cover implementing panning and zooming with the new input system.


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Awesome end! Thanks for taking the time do make this!

How would you recommend if using a keyboard instead of a mouse wheel for scrolling like +/-, would it be to translate it to access or would there be a processor to handle that as well?

Also give them the clamps!

The clamps


Thanks for watching! :) You can check if the button is being triggered on every frame to move it a bit more towards the goal. There is also a hold interaction with the new input system that executes a command when you hold a button for a certain period of time, but in this case you'd just want to know when the button is being pressed. And the longer it's pressed the faster it zooms in up to a max speed? Many different ways to go about it!