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Cinemachine First Person Controller w/ Input System - Unity Tutorial

samyam_utube profile image samyam ・1 min read

Learn how to use Cinemachine and the new input system to make a First Person Controller in Unity!

Character Controller Move Script
Source Code
0:00 Intro
0:11 Set Up
0:45 Input System Controls
3:39 Input Manager
5:26 Player Controller
11:18 Cinemachine POV
21:52 Player Controller Changes
24:02 Outro


Editor guide
cpluta profile image
Chris Pluta

Is using cinemachine the easiest way to attach a camera to a player? I would imagine you can just use a normal camera and update it along with the player in the same update.

Secondly, was there reason in the extension that you used Time.deltaTime instead of using the deltaTime parameter?

Also adding another item to check out later. 😁

samyam_utube profile image
samyam Author

Yep! Cinemachine is super easy and customizable. Cinemachine has a lot of built in extensions and you can easily blend between cameras. And no real reason, I believe you can use the other one as well.