The Flags of Mervansted!

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The Flag of the High Elven empire (High elfs):
Alt Text
The Flag Of The Jidhak confederacy (Dark elfs):
Alt Text
The Flag of The Ekven republic (Wood Elfs):
Alt Text
These are all 3 elven factions in the Mervansted Civil war. There is also the Nordic empire and the Dwarven empire who don't have much lore yet :(
The Triangle is the symbol used by the original elven empire to symbolise the elven people and their rulers. The High Elven flag is the same as the original elven flag. The triangle is considered a symbol of elven supremacy among a majority of the non-elven people of Norkan and rightfully so, as the original flag is now bared by the High Elven empire who keep slaves of non high elven people (Yes even dark elfs and wood elfs) as they believe that they are the last hope for Norkan. (Yes i know this sounds similar to the thalmor in TES, and thats because certain elements are but most of it will be very different ).

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In this setting are the elves the only ones that have residence in the province?

In an earlier post you mentioned it used to be part of the Nordic empire, do they still have outposts with their own flag or are they under the banner of one of the elven civilizations?


The elves are the only ones that have a large presence in Mervansted, but the Nords and Dwarves have outposts and they both claim Mervansted as part of their empires.