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The books of Valour Devlog 0: Lore

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This post will just be to make people familiar with some of the lore of the game :)

The world

The Books Of Valour is based in the Continent of Norkan, Norkan has 5 Continents on the mainland.
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Winterweav (Pronounced Winter-Weave) is the largest and northernmost province which is home to a race of Humans known as the Nords. The Nords are fierce warriors and are typically warrior classes. Winterweav is the centre of the Nordic empire, the Largest military and political force in Norkan.


Mervansted (Pronounced Mer-Van-Sted) Home Of The elves and the elven homeland. This province of Norkan is in the middle of a great civil war between the High Elves, The Dark Elves and the Wood Elves. This civil war has gone on for centuries. This province was under control of the Nordic empire until the civil war broke out and the Nords were forced out.


Carvenwood (Pronounced Car-Ven-Wood) is the home of the Carvens, a race of necromancers capable of harnessing the power of the plane of targus and summoning Demons to fight for them, Carvenwood is split in half between the Dwarven empire and the Nordic Empire. The Carvens have tried to rebel once by raising armies of demons and the undead but they were defeated by the nords and the dwarves and the rebellion made the nords and the dwarves put a ban on necromancy in their empires.


Indenvel, (Pronounced In-Den-Vel) is the homeland of the Orcs. This province is a part of the dwarven empire. There is not much to say about this province yet.


Hivenvan, (Pronounced Hi-Ven-Van) Is the Center of the dwarven empire and the homeland of the dwarven people, This province is filled with advanced technologies such as steam powered machines and massive fortresses built into the sides of mountains

There is of course, other provinces of Norkan outside of the mainland. But you'll have to find out about them in the game ;)

The first game will take place in Mervansted

The main story of the game

The Elves where once gods
they where forced to become mortals after they angered the god who created the mortal plane, Markin
The elves where the most powerfull among the mortal races

The elves Where one race long ago, But then something happened.
The Elven prince, Mandicod the 5th killed his father
they said it was suicidide
Mandicod then became the emperor of the Elven empire
He sent different groups of elves to live in different areas, Segregating the elves.
The elves sent to live in the north in the woods of mervansted became the wood elves
the elves sent to live in the mountains of the north became the dark elves
The elves allowed to stay in the cities became the high elves
When emperor mandicod died he became a god among the high elves who believed he was the one who saved the elven race
and among the dark elves and the wood elves he was hated
The dark elves and the wood elves both declared independence from the elven empire
The Nordic empire quickly saw the instability and invaded mervansted
They sucseeded
but the dark elves, wood elves and high elves still recognised themselves as being 3 independent nations
They continued fighting
until the nordic empire pulled out of mervansted
and the elven civil war officially began
the profecy reads this civil war would last until a brave hero, a soldier in an unknown army, on an unknown day, born to unknown pearents, on patroll in mervansted would end the war and unify the elfs under one rule using the Books Of Valour as his weapon.

Sorry for the bad grammar, this story was just written by one of the people helping on the project in a day so its not perfect :)

We also are making a language for the game!


Thanks for reading, The next devlog will be about the actual development :)

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It's really interesting having a google doc to create and share your primer for your language. It seems like a very accessible way to crowd source ideas from people to allow contributing. 👍


Thanks! That’s exactly what I thought, people can leave comments about the language