How the Books Of Valour was almost a skyrim mod.

rohanthegreatt profile image rohanThegreaTT ・1 min read

You probably don't know this but The Books Of Valour was almost a skyrim mod! I was learning how to make mods for skyrim and i decided to try to make a small mod that added a town to the map and i called it The Books Of Valour! It never got very far before i decided to make it a stand alone game but i just thought this was an interesting story :)


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What was the turning point in pivoting from a mode to a stand alone game?


The turning point was basically when i decided i didn't want to make my game based in the elder scrolls universe, and wanted to make my own world. I know i still could have made it a mod while making my own lore and world but it suits being a standalone game more :) I have plans to return to skyrim modding after this project though (Whenever that may be lol).