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Cover image for How it started VS how it's going

How it started VS how it's going

rohan profile image ro ・1 min read

Wow! This is such a big transformation! Thank you all for the support over the past month, The Game would not be were it is without your encouragement.
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Also, if you would like to help out then please fill out this form :) All help is appreciated. https://forms.gle/8n82QyeP8dVC8HwUA


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rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

This game has really evolved! The move to 3d was smart! I forget, how big of a team do you have right now? It looks like you are trying to crowdsource a lot of the aspects of this game :)

rohan profile image
ro Author

Thank you! Our team at the moment is 3 people with 2 volunteers. The team works on- an off, so far ive done all the programming and 3d modeling and a good amount of writing and the team mostly works on concept art and writing.
We recently got a volunteer programmer, so that'll definately help and we've changed the art style for the hopefully final time to resemble a game on the original xbox. I think this game could be pretty fun when its finished :)