What do you love about indie game development?

rgails profile image Ryan Gails ・1 min read

I'm super new to game dev (in fact, I've only fired up Unity a handful of times) but I know a lot of people are passionate about it.

I want to know: What do you love most about indie game dev?

For me, it's the idea of learning something new that could produce something fun. The learning process is where I see a lot of value and I don't think I'd mind if nobody ever saw a game I worked on.


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I really enjoy the amount of creativity that can go into what you build. There are a ton of ways in how you approach your idea and things to learn.

For me there was a point I got with a game and I ended up playing it more and tweaking new levels rather than working on it. That just further cemented this is the direction I wanted to go.


Have you ever found yourself focusing on something you didn't expect to for longer than you expected and ending up changing directions on a game entirely?


The way I've been tackling my projects is I'm not working in a very structured way. I have an idea and just see where it takes me. My most recent example has been trying to do some kind of survival game and trying to figure out nav mesh baking for enemies. I probably spent more time on that then I should have because to check a checkbox on the navmesh agent (currently I'm blanking on what it was called). My current goal is to build small projects and gain confidence to tackle the next big project and have a reasonable chance at success at it.


I am a software developer by trade but I don't make software that I personally am passionate about. By creating games I am able to leverage my talent with my passion. I think that is why I love making games. Great question!


I want to +1 on creativity! And I think another thing that really gets me excited is that there's so much to learn about, you can never be an expert in everything. I'm a "serial learner" kind of person, so I'm able to keep myself preoccupied pretty much indefinitely with games 😄


Yeah, I think that's one of the great things about being a dev in general! Always learning something new.


It's fun to have a nice challenge :)!