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Cover image for !!!NEW FEATURE ALERT!!! - Badges are finally here

!!!NEW FEATURE ALERT!!! - Badges are finally here

rgails profile image Ryan Gails ・1 min read

We've got some great news!

We told you they were coming soon!

We even made a call out to the community for artists to help!

Badges are finally here! 🎉🎉🎉

Excited Dance

With our latest update, we've added 5 badges to the community. You can see them all here.

"How do I get badges?!" you ask. It's simple! You'll earn badges by participating in the community. We want to give recognition to everyone who helps make Lets Build a success.

The current badges are:

  • 4 Week Streak - Awarded for consistency of writing.
  • 8 Week Streak - For publishing at least one post per week for eight consecutive weeks. The streak continues!
  • 16 Week Streak - Awarded for outstanding consistency and commitment to the community.
  • Beloved Comment - Awarded for making a comment which the community loved, as voted on with heart (❤️) reactions.
  • One Year Club - This badge celebrates the longevity of those who have been a registered member of the Lets Build Community for at least one year.

We hope you love what we've got so far, but we also want your feedback! What badges would you like to see for the community?


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rohan profile image

Just got the 4 week one, looks epic

rgails profile image
Ryan Gails Author

Thanks! We made sure to give people the badges they've already earned so you should see them on people's profiles already!

rohan profile image

Cool :) Hopefully everyone gets em

rgails profile image
Ryan Gails Author

One idea I had for a new badge is the Conversation Starter badge for someone who has a comment with a certain number of replies.