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Microsoft is buying Bethesda!!!

rgails profile image Ryan Gails ・1 min read

Holy buckets of money, Batman! Microsoft is buying Bethesda (well, their parent company ZeniMax Media) for $7.5 billion.

Elder Scrolls, Fallout, DOOM and more will soon belong to Microsoft.

What do you folks think about this move?

They say they'll be honoring announced exclusives, but what about future games?

On another note, do we think they'll scare off some of the devs they'll be acquiring like they did with Bungie?

Big big news, y'all!


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I feel Bethesda has been lacking in the recent history. Getting bought I hope will bring new life to it and allow them to push for higher quality games


Yeah, I had the same thought. They really blew it with Fallout 76, so hopefully this will push them back toward some better stuff.


I thinks its good and bad, at the moment im shifting moreso to an obsidian fan since they are sort of like bethesda around the time they made Skyrim but i hope that Microsoft can make Bethesda as good as they used to be. And atleast obsidian and bethesda are both owned by Microsoft so maybe well get new vegas 2????