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Searching for the best Character movements

redeagle profile image Ryan Kechekar ・1 min read

Hello everyone !
After a lot of trials and error, I can't seem to find a good system for character movements and good animation controller for a third person game on Unity.
The idea is to have simple controllers, walk, run, jump, sneak and interacting with objects. The only thing that could be a little too much that I ask is the use of IK animations and/or root motion, to have that little bit of realisticness.

Do you know any series of Youtube's tutorial that explains every step of it ?


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By no means am I an expert in 3d animation, but I did want to share a controller that I've used in the past that i'm pretty sure supports root motion, IK and is pretty easy to use.



I'll try my hand on it !


Not sure if you can do everything you need with the free version, but I should mention there is a cost to using the FPS and Melee versions of this controller.