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I've done a mysterious thing...

redeagle profile image Ryan Kechekar ・1 min read

Hello everyone !

I've done a little thing on the official twitter page for my game Ash & Blood
for a reminder the game will use language to tell it's story, not any language ! the one created for the game.
In a possible game difficulty set up : player will have to learn the language and decode it to understand the lore and story.
In the past two weeks I've done a countdown, it's adds mystery to the game and most importantly you can learn every digits of this new language with it !
The countdown which ends today is leading to something... but what ?
If you wanna find out just watch the twitter today here !

I hope that you will appreciate it and don't froget to prey on what was, and now is all ash and blood...


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Yay! Another conlang for me to learn!