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Day 52 : I'm so hot I've got a new fan

redeagle profile image Ryan Kechekar ・1 min read

Summer, summer... summer. Why do you exist ? Killing my sanity quicker than an old one !
Harryson will help me create the game, he'll be in the credits, as "heat administrator" ! Say, thank you, Harry !
Sometimes a bit of laughter is necessary when your thermal as well as your PC are too damn high !


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You have to have a quality team to build a quality game and Harry is one of the best!


Amen my bother, he's working 24/7 since thursday morning !


You referring to your fan a person made me think of this comedian I used to listen to a long time ago:


I remember using it to keep warm during winter growing up making a heat tunnel. 😆

You gotta work with what you've got.