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Day 51 : Teaser of a Sneak peek

redeagle profile image Ryan Kechekar ・1 min read

Odeia my partner (that loves archeology) is working on the Ash & Blood font, it will be used in game for the language that we are creating.
When it comes out it will be free to use by anyone for any project, you could use the runes to add some mystic flavor to your creations!
Disclaimer : Don't summon demons with it or you will be certainly killed by him !


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This is super cool! I'm new to fonts, what are you using to make the fonts?

Are you planning on using the in-game language heavily in your game play or is it going to be more for 2nd level gameplay stuff?


We're using Fontforge and illustrator to create the font.
And the language will be at the same time useless for some players and the most important element of the game for others, it really depends on what you seek. Dark souls gave us the root idea for that, there's only a few players that know the story behind all the levels in dark souls, but they also are the most invested fans !
That's what we're looking for, that sense of working your brain out to find the real story behind a game and its levels.


That is awesome, are you going to do anything to introduce this idea to players beyond simply having the language there to read? Maybe have the player stumble upon a lexicon somewhere in the game?

The idea for the language is that the player character already know a similar language. Imagine that the character knows how to speak English but the language in game is old english, he knows how to read it but some word have changed meanings.
The player will find items and clues to find the true meanings of the lost words.

That makes more sense! You are right, it would weird to have the character learn a language they already know, so you cant really include that into the story, but the player can choose to delve into it to get more out of the game. Thanks for explaining!


That is a really neat tool!

I never really looked into how to make a new font but that makes sense to use something like that to do it.

Awesome share!