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Cover image for Day 100 : Times flies

Day 100 : Times flies

redeagle profile image Ryan Kechekar ・1 min read

Hello everyone

Well well well, it's been 100 days since I've decided to go on this adventure.
I've learned so much from these days, from my failures to my achievement I don't regret every bit of it.

I'll continue with all my heart ! The boy that I was a long time ago might be proud of me for sticking to the route he created. Let's put a smile on that boy's face and finished the game, and share it with the world.

This is the first screenshot I've done for the project : Alt Text


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rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

Congrats on hitting this milestone. Are you as far along as you thought you would be by now?

redeagle profile image
Ryan Kechekar Author

I didn't plan to where I wanted to be, to be honest it's a project where learning is the first goal. It's my first game and I know I have a long way in front of me, but I've learned so much in such a short time that I will call that a win !

rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson

This is your FIRST game? I would have imagined building something a lot simpler for my first game :) Thats amazing! I really hope you stay motivated and see this through to completion. If you need any help from a programming side (im a backend developer by trade) feel free to reach out! We all want to see you succeed!

rohan profile image

Congratulations! Thats a big milestone!

cpluta profile image
Chris Pluta

Congrats on hitting day 100! Here's to 100 more! 🎉

gamedev4k profile image
Game Dev 4K

Amazing congrats. Hope to see more.