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Cover image for Working on a shield

Working on a shield

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

I'm working on a shield for my game. Not sure if I want asteroids to be destroyed on impact or simply bounce away. What do you think?

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cpluta profile image
Chris Pluta

I think that shield will get you get past level 11. 😄

I like the bouncing effect aesthetically.

It adds a little more complexity to the game since you have a cluster you can ram then to change trajectory and cause another headache later. Or makes the game a little more forgiving at later levels.

Thinking about it the other way a player can be an astroid chaser burning fuel. Which then adds some more strategy.

darknessfx profile image

Looking good. I think bounce is better because if you could destroy using shield then it can become a powerful weapon and the player could rush the screen sweeping asteroids easily.
I saw a game today that reminds me your game: idanro.itch.io/space-cadet

rgails profile image
Ryan Gails

I don't think you should do destruction on impact unless you make the shield last for a fairly short amount of time. Otherwise, you'd be able to clear a good number of asteroids just with the sheild.

Bonus points if you make the shield pulse 😁