What was the first game you ever played?

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

If you are like me, inspiration for game dev started the first time you played a video game. I remember being in awe over how the computer was able to draw the graphics and wanting to learn more about programming. Take a minute and share the first game you ever played!

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Super Mario Bros on NES, specifically the version that shipped alongside Duck Hunt.

super mario bros and duck hunt cartridge

My first PC game was Lode Runner:


I can't tell from the video, but lode runner almost looks like they animated it using rotoscoping! It's an older technique where they record someone doing the movements in real life and then trace over that using pixels.



The first game I ever played was probably Super Mario Bros on NES.

I remember thinking if they had to draw a picture of every possible combination of character allocations relative to everything else in the game to make this and then realising that this would probably be too many pictures to draw. Those were confusing times.


It's crazy to look at how Mario evolved over the years.

I remember playing it at my cousin's house and never getting far since I wasn't good at it. 😆

Finding articles about how it's done is always interesting to me. It's always very thought out and maybe a little bit of hacks to minimize the game as much as possible to make the best result.

For a little background on Mario I found this: freecodecamp.org/news/where-do-all...


My oldest gaming memory is NES Skate or Die


I haven't seen that one before. I liked the downhill skating. Very reminiscent of paper boy, which within the past five years I finally learned about why the blue houses went red. 😆


Paperboy! Now that was a game!


The game I remember playing most was Metroid II on the Game Boy in kindergarten. Why did they have that in the room? I don't know but I didn't mind. 😄

Metroid II Game Game Cartridge - Game Boy


Wait a minute, this was just sitting in a toy bin at school? Well done teacher!


For me it was Pole Position on my commodore 64. By the time I got my first commodore it was already considered an antique (1994) but that didn't stop me from falling in love with gaming!



I can't remember for sure, but It had to have been something on the OG Sega or Nintendo. Probably something in the realm of Sonic or Mario?