What do you use for making sprites?

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

I'm stepping outside my comfort-zone and building a 2d sprite-based game using Godot. I found a great tutorial on Godot and some free sprite assets, but I really want to get into creating my own sprites. What do you use for creating sprites?


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Just started using Aseprite and am thrilled with it!

I started off with Pyxel Edit but was running into saving issues. I then learned about Aseprite and how it has tons of quality of life upgrades such as the ability to move all layers of a frame at the same time as well as some cool features like creating your own brushes from sprites (e.g. create a shaded blob and use it as a brush to create clouds/trees) and a really nice layer/frame animation grid. In the last couple weeks I have been porting all my sprite assets to Aseprite and it's been so worth it! Animation is so much easier and fun too.

For concept art and doodles, I use Pixelable for iOS. It's impressively full featured and is convenient for doodling up concepts on the go or while rocking the kiddo to sleep and is a simple export to the laptop for full animation.


I've heard of Aseprite. A friend of mine is a pixel artist and uses that tool to create his marketing materials for his indie arcade, as well as any other pixel art he's interesting in making.

Pixelable looks super very intuitive to use. How does it export projects?

The other editor that comes to my mind that I've been introduced to recently is also MagicaVoxel, when you want to do some pixels in 3d.


Pixelable has the ability to export a PNG or an animated GIF that bases its frames off the layers of a Pixelable project. The result is just saved to your phone, then my flow is usually to just AirDrop or email to myself for laptop work!

Also whoa!! MagicaVoxel looks really cool!

Based on your comment I'm assuming they don't have another export for sprite sheet, eh? So you need to post process it one more time to import it to whatever tool you desire.

That's correct, the ability to export to a sprite sheet is definitely a lacking feature of the Pixelable app. The only workaround I've found is copying and editing on other layers, then exporting the separate layers as separate image "frames" for copy/paste into a sprite sheet.

Because of this, I mainly use the app as a "sketch" spot for new pixel art ideas or doodling idly.