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Would you do a game jam?

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

Hey All,

I've been thinking about hosting a game jam on this platform for our dev community. Some questions I have for you all:

1) would you be interested in participating?
2) what are some themes you would like us to consider?
3) how long should this be? 1 or 2 days? timeframe?
4) when should we do it?
5) any preference on format?
6) should it be judged? if so how?

I'm thinking we all create a post with a specific tag where you present your game. Please let me know your thoughts!


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I think 2 days - a week would be a decent timeframe, although I have never participated in one, so I'm not sure if a week would be too long.

If judged, maybe just ask some people from the community who have participated in game jams before, since they might be familiar with the format.

I would be really interested. I don't know how much I could actually contribute, but I would participate as well as I could :D


We're kind of in a similar situation, a couple of us have participated in game jams but its a relatively new concept for a lot of us. We're still getting feedback from the community but I would anticipate maybe towards the end of July early August we attempt to host a game jam over a weekend (Friday night to Sunday night). To submit I'm thinking everyone would create an Post with #letsbuildjamsummer2020 introducing your game with a link to download. People could operate in teams or do solo builds. I'm also thinking we skip judging for this first one, simply comment on people games and give feedback.


Skipping judging for the first time sounds great. Take those baby steps! :)


I think a two day game jam would be better. A week is good for starters but people who are experts can create a master piece in one week and that can suppress the new comers. Two days would be good to create a new game mechanic based on the theme without focusing on making it a piece of great artwork and models. It's just how i think, more suggestions can help.


That's a great perspective. I never even considered how intimidating a week long game jam would be to a newer developer. I definitely would be on the more beginner side of the equation, presenting something that focuses on a single mechanic that is pretty rough :)


I knew that you will like the idea. I think as a small but growing community, we should focus more on new comers because new comers make a small community, BIG.


Yes! A random theme would work and most jams are 48 hours but some are a week long or longer.