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What are you working on?

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Hey community!

I wanted to start a thread where we show off what we are working on. We're all devs here so don't hold anything back. Show us the good with the ugly! If this thread takes off I might consider making it a regular thing, otherwise I will bury this deep within the recesses of the database so no one ever finds out I asked! :)

What I'm Working On

As for me, I'm in the process of learning how to make a character walk, animate, collide and overlay behind and in-front of objects using Godot. Once I figure out the type of game I want to make I plan on creating a series where I go over all the steps involved, but right now its just me messing around with tutorials <3.

If you want to checkout the tutorial I'm currently using its on youtube

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Your Turn!

Take a minute and share what you are working on or learning in the comments below!

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Lately I've been working on defining my next milestone for my project. I got some basic representations of mechanics, and realized my next milestone I had defined was way too far of a stretch for me. So I've just been focused on taking baby steps!

Hoping to build out some more UI in my game soon though!


"Baby steps".... words to live by :)


You have to start somewhere! Having a plan in place is a great first step. If you don't plan, then you could end up all over the place with your project.


I've just finished multiplayer support with sockets for my series on building a game so I can now finally progress onto writing the next chapter!


In your series I never came across the term pbbg(persistent browser based game). What kind of engine are you using for it, or is it all just normal api/javascript interactions allowing the game to run?


PBBG is a type of game. You can find more about it on pbbg.com.

With a few exceptions it's just a type of game that is browser based and doesn't require additional downloads.

The only engine I'm using is Titan and that's for the backend to handle items, maps, characters and all the other data.

The frontend is just a few divs, JavaScript and some styling


Is this your first stab at multi-player? I know just enough to realize how hard it must be :)


I'm working on a pixel art platformer in Godot:


That fireball... wow! I like the subtle charge up in the hands before it goes forward. Are you making all the graphics and audio yourself for the game?


No, I'm just programming, doing the special effects, and normal maps. A friend of mine is doing the art, and we have no audio yet, which ill try to do myself.
I also sometimes do some simple textures in pixel art, Like the wood platform you can see below the second fireball, and also add some tiles based on the art of my friend.


I love the look of this! The mechanic of using the fireball to light up the path ahead is awesome.


I got curious about some game engines that are currently being used and I came across some statistics Itch posts at: itch.io/game-development/engines and saw an engine called Ren'Py.

I've been interested in visual novels, but always had a mental block figuring out how to present dialog. This engine seems like it has a streamlined way of achieving such a project. I think the last time I played any kind of dating sim game was in high school on either addicting games or armor games.

So this week I'm going to serve my idea of breakfast to the dating table and see what comes of that.