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Hey there! Welcome to letsbuild.gg!


1) Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! Tell us about what brought you here and what you are working on!

2) Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. ๐Ÿ‘‹

3) Or answer this question: what is your favorite game?


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Hello everybody !

I'm Ryan, I've started the journey of game development not so long ago on my projet Ash & Blood.

You can follow the development day to day on my twitter where I do daily logs of my advancements ! you can find that here

I have the ambition to do an adventure game, where you play as a boy named Onno in an arid and dreadful place trying to save his village from a crippling disease.
For now my biggest challenge is to learn how to use C# to do what I want ( I'm not much of a programmer).

(what is your favorite game? I'm a big rpg fan and the witcher 3 is the game I'll choose for this category, soooo I think it's my favorite game by default)


Hey Ryan,

I am a professional web developer who pretends he can make games :)

My favorite game is Rocket League, I know its super mainstream and not really cool but I appreciate the emergent game play mechanics that come from such a simple game. I also love Zelda BOTW. It was my first Zelda game I ever played and I am considering going back and playing the others!

What engine are you using to build your game? Whats the motivation to use c#? I suspect its driven by the choice of engine.

I've recently been learning Godot and GD Script and have to admit I am finding it very easy to use and learn (coming from a c# background). Although I wish it had support for more OOP concepts.


I'm using the good old Unity to do my game, I'm cracking my head sometimes but it's so fun to learn new things this way ! My only past experience with code was when I tried my hands on C++ some years ago, my greatest achievement was the "Hello world" soo...

In college I learned C++ and I forgot so much of it by now. I tried reading a bunch of docs on OpenGL to try and make something and I didn't get too far.

What's your background?

I'm in a got a bachelor degree in marketing and I've also done a fine art school. So coding is really not the thing I'm known to be good for !


Glad to have you here!

What inspired you to create Ash & Blood?


There's a ton of inspiration for the game, first of all I'll have to say that I lunched the project after a dream I had after watching Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke), this idea of the nature that defend him self really resonate with me. Then there's the dark souls series with his hidden stories, the science of the untold has always fascinated me !


Hi everyone!

I'm Sam and I currently make YouTube videos to help people learn game development.

My channel name is samyam and can be found here.

I'll also start to work on an indie game soon on my free time. Excited to join this group!


Welcome to the community, Sam! Checked out a few videos and they're so helpful, you break down Unity concepts really clearly. Looking forward to seeing your own indie projects too!


Thank you Brett! Glad you liked the videos and I'm excited to post more content! :)


Great to have you. Feel free to make articles with your YouTube videos embedded. We're still very new and need great content creators like yourself :)


Excited to have you here Sam! More great content like your YouTube channel will help the indie game dev community! Looking forward to more from you.


Robert and Ryan!

We worked on this and it's awesome!

I am excited to work on building our community and connect others in our love for playing and building indie games.
pixel heart


Just to say this is a great idea for a community!


Really excited about this community! Major props to all who got it together!


Hey! I'm Ian.

Found you because you stalked my Twitter ๐Ÿ˜‚.

I mod on dev.to. I develop and build games primarily in PHP and JavaScript. I'm a big fan of text based and persistent browser based games.

I hope to release my game engine in the next couple of months and hope to write some content here.

Thanks for the invite ๐Ÿ˜€


Hi Ian! Would love to hear some of the "how you got started" stuff on how you made your game engine. It's no small feat! ๐Ÿ˜„


For sure, once it hits 1.0-beta I'll be talking about it more, for now the less adoption the better due to things still changing. But build games on the web is so much fun ^_^


Hey Ian, how long have you been building games?


The first game I launched would have been back when I was 15. So just over 10 years now


So cool!

I'm rhymes, one of the devs at dev.to/

I tend to only play games on my phone so I guess my favorite game is still Boom Beach by Supercell. I really spent too much time on it, building my profile and raising through the ranks, then I abandoned it all when the game play became too repetitive with the ratio of "power ups" and advancements.


Boom beach was such a fantastic game but as you mentioned after over 2 years of playing it became repetitive. The amount of dailies/weeklies you have to get to keep up just gets boring. I picked it up again for a week but it didn't feel like anything had changed.


I'm Eran from Israel and I'm back end and data engineer in the last 4.5 years
before i used to play with unity in my free time and now i'm back to it :)
I started to make YouTube videos to help people learn game and general development and also upload my dev log video
come and see yourself here


Welcome! I also make videos :)


maybe we can do some videos together like game jams or something like this to help each other,
or just give some editing / scripting tips to each other :)
if it sounds good for you DM me in discord eranelbaz#1150


Godot is calling you! Join us!!!! JK I love your content, keep it up man!


I am actually thinking about trying godot, it seems the future, open source, lightweight
I really want to!


What got you back into Unity?


The Coronavirus outbreak, suddenly I have free time lol


Hi! I'm Azagaya. In my free time, I'm developing a free and open source tool for normal map generation focused on 2D games, called Laigter. Also i some times join game jams.


How did you come up with the name "Laigter"? What does it mean?


Laigter is just how would Lighter pronunciation would be written in spanish, my mother language. IDK if other countries do that, but its like a silly joke here to write things in english as you would pronunce them.


Hey azagaya! Welcome to the community! Played a bit of A.R.S and it's fun stuff. Looking forward to seeing you post more here!


Thanks! I'm also thinking to post here, but i need to think about what content to share! I'm not sure, perhaps a godot tutorial.
Abour A.R.S.. i wanted to continue developing it, but the team kind of got bored.

+1 for godot tutorials! I've seen a couple others post about godot here already, so you'd be in good company!

Yeah, sometimes you lose steam on a project, but you can always go back to it.


Hello, I am on Twitter and Dev, and migrated here, to hopefully discuss game-talk with you all, we, people of Quality GameWare would love to reach out to the other devs and common-folk of this website! We are working on a 3d car game in Unity (though I, as the person writing this don't know much), though there will be big plans for the future, which you can check out here! My favorite game, again, as the person writing this, either has to be between the 3 games: Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, or Undertale, they are all great games. Anyways, we hope to see you around the block, the code block!


Welcome!! Eager to see more of what Quality GameWare has in store. Interested too in what youโ€™ve found works with regards to business and marketing as an indie studio!

Also love the favorite games! So cool that all those characters are technically playable in Smash Bros now!


Glad to have you here! Can't wait to see some screenshots & prototypes of things you guys are working on!


Hey, I'm Michael. Not a dev, but I'd love to help write and conceptualize a game.

  1. I heard about the community here and I like games, so figured I'd join up!
  2. Will do. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Of all time? It's gotta be the Halo series... if I had to pick one, it'd be Halo 2. Such an awesome sequel in every way!

Master Chief Collection just released Halo 2! Definitely going to pick up a copy so I can relive all the Halo glory.


They actually just added Reach! It's got a less than great campaign, but the multiplayer is seriously dope!


Hey all! I'm more-so into web development than game development, but have always wanted to take what I've learned about programming in general through web dev and dabble around with game dev in some free time, so I'm looking forward to seeing people sharing their resources and projects!

I'm not working on anything in particular right now, outside of just learning, but I'll look for inspiration in posts here.



Hey Troy!

You are in good company here. I am a full-time software developer at day, and a newbie game dev at night :) What sort of stuff are you learning right now? I recently learned godot and some basic 2d mechanics. If you haven't already looked into Godot I would recommend it.



I also come from a web-development background. Dabbling is definitely a good way to start!

There were some posts on here already about persistent browser based games (pbbg) and I never knew that was a game category until someone posted about it.

I'm excited to see what you come up with as well!


Hi, I'm Emir. I found this community by some Discord Server. I'm here to set up or join an indie development team. My favorite game is.... there is a lot but I think i can say Last Of Us


Hey Emir,

Glad you found us! What sort of games are you interested in making? We have a variety of people here who all specialize or focus on different types of development. Right now I'm learning Godot and how to create 2d pixel based games. If you want to learn more you should checkout my latest post:


I don't have any specific genre but Rogue-like might be my favorite and I check your game as soon as I can :)

Welcome to the community!


Welcome! What got you into indie game development?


telling a story :) I work at Hyper-Casual Studio as a game developer but I like telling a story and create interesting mechanics. so I love the indie game but I don't have enough ambition and talent to make it solo. I'm looking for a team.

What are you looking for in a team?

Passion for indie games : ). That's all

We're trying to setup a game jam soon. Would you be willing to participate? Might be a great way for you to meet people and share ideas.

Passion definitely goes a long way!


Hello, Been working on a game a bit then got distracted by one of the tools I was making for assets in my game. powerc9000.itch.io/cute-asset-pipe... is what came out of that.
Just trying to get my new tool to a good state for a 1.0 and keep it going then work on my game some more.


This looks very interesting, what inspired you to make this tool? I use Aseprite a lot to make sprites and animations and having to export sprite sheets is a pain. Any chance this could be modified to work with other tools?


I was annoyed at how difficult it can be to export layers from PDF purely by the command line. I wanted my build step for my game to be just make in the terminal and it would build all my assets if it needed to and compile the code etc. To get the PDF stuff I wanted required so many hacks and whatever else to get it to work. You can actually see me document that here: dev.to/powerc9000/asset-pipeline-u.... So I decided to make a tool that handled everything I wanted.

As to Aseprite. I plan on supporting it in a later version. I want to support many common formats devs use. Aseprite is next on my list but I'd like to support adobe animator and maybe even blender!

Excellent! I see you are a dev.to content creator. You should feel at home here :)


Once you have version 1.0 there is a post with some resources to check out if you'd like to add it for reference. ๐Ÿ˜„


How long have you been working on this tool? I see the first upload was 21 days ago.


Probably a month or so. But a lot of work on it's predecessors that I was using in my game before that.

Were the predecessors along the same lines or some variation of what Cute asset pipeline is?

Core idea is similar. Added a GUI a database abs more sophistication.


Yo all, hi!

My name is DarknessFX*, I'm a senior software engineer from finance industry and a long-time gamer at heart, since childhood. A few years ago I had a time and space to do whatever I wanted and I choose gamedev as a hobby.

.: What brought you here?
A reddit post from rcarlson about color palletes, I clicked the link and was about to reply talking about Mark J. Ferrari (markferrari.com/) Color Pallete Swap technique when... Hey, I never being in this site before!

.: What hold you here?
I think this site idea and conception is amazing and super necessary! For a long time I saw everywhere a gap between "look my solo introductionary tutorial"... (huge gap) ... "look at my teamwork professional work".
I'm glad this site and community exists, I do hope it will thrive and success to fill this gap, with luck and hardwork it can become a reference in the industry.

.: What you can help with?
I'm a self-taught full stack developer. I do love everything free, any info, tutorial, hint, sdk, is a highway road to evolve... I collected them all and I try my best to share. In a cyberpunk world I would be a netrunner or an info-hoarder.
Anyways, for now I can gladly help with anything UnrealEngine, anything HTML/CSS/JS/DOM web (frontend or backend) related, builds and ports to Linux Arm, translations to Portuguese.

.: What you don't know and you're afraid to ask?
It's okay to share this site to anyone looking for group? (reddit, facebook, twitter, ...), =, If I see someone saying "I'm alone and I'm LFG" is okay to reply with "go to letsbuild.gg"?
It's okay to share new free assets to #resource? (can be floody, dayly)
It's okay to use the site native RSS Feed hook function? (surely is going to be floody)

*.: What about your real name?
I work in a small niche corporation sector in two countries, if they learn how much time I spent online having fun, I would lose clients and money. So pseudonymous is essential to be free.

**.: There is something weird with your writing/You talk funny?
Indeed. I was born in Brazil, I live 3/4 a year in Portugal and 1/4 a year in Florida.
I learned english playing Sierra and LucasArts point-and-click adventures with a dictionary, maybe my english isn't perfect (I know it isn't), but I'm glad I finished those games. ;)


First off, thank you for taking the time to read our articles and comment! This community is built on collaboration and communication, and we hope to see more people engage daily with the content posted here!

Secondly, I think you really capture the essence of what this community is trying to achieve, and I appreciate you taking the time to articulate what made you stick around.

As far as your questions go:

It's okay to share this site to anyone looking for group? (reddit, facebook, twitter, ...)
Yes! In fact, every article has a feature to make it easy to share.

It's okay to share new free assets to #resource? (can be floody)
Yes! I wrote a post a few weeks back about a unity asset I love and recommend.

Here is an example @ian did that aggregates a ton of great resources into a single article too!

It's okay to use the site native RSS Feed hook function? (surely is going to be floody)
Yes! Don't worry about it being floody. When you hookup the RSS feed it will automatically create DRAFT articles for you to review and post. Just make sure things look good before publishing them :)

Lastly, we hope you feel comfortable writing about anything game dev related. We are all still figuring out exactly what Lets Build is, but we know one thing for sure: we are a community that shares, collaborates and grows with one another!



I share the same sentiment with you about there are a lot of gaps between starting and going professional since there is so much to know and learn. We have a lot of experience to bring and in all kinds of different stages where we can help one another.

What is your favorite point and click game?


Thanks! My favorite is Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (1993, Sierra).

Do you like point and click too? What's your favorite?

I haven't heard of that one.

I never got into them. The first point and click I ever played was In Cold Blood and didn't get very far. My experience with this genre was watching Mostly Walking with Day9. I enjoyed watching them play Grim Fandango and Curse of Monkey Island.


My favorite game right now is Chess. I play on LiChess whenever I have a few minutes free to take a mental break from my other work.

I'm also an every-day player of online risk, using the site Warfish.net. I've been playing for the last ~8 years non-stop with the same group of friends.

It's been a few years, but I used to be a Diamond League Starcraft 2 player. My first foray into video games was Counter Strike 1.5 (pre-Steam) and I used to play in some of those competitive leagues on an organized team. Great times.

Excited to be here!


I've always been a fan of Command & Conquer, super pumped about the remaster of that! I've been told if I'm a fan of that franchise I'd be a fan of Starcraft.

In regards to Counter Strike I miss the days of bunny hopping. I haven't played that in years though.


what is your favorite game?

My all-time favorite game is Tetris. Put me in front of a multiplayer Tetris setup and I get really competitive.



Glad to see the dev.to team over here <3 Thank you so much for your support. Its been fun working in this project!


You should definitely be in close contact with us so we can best support you, help you grow, and help ensure compatibility with the eventual ecosystem.

I just invited you to our Slack to help keep closer touch with community creators (eventually we'll spin this out to be its own community instance instead of Slack).

This really is great to hear! I have high hopes for LetsBuild


Well, what if it was multiplayer 3d Tetris?


Well hello there Space Pilots!
My fav games are FTL,StardewValley,MassEffect


FTL is an amazing game! I feel in love with it after watching the noclip documentary of that team


I assume FTL was a huge inspiration for your Space Cats Tactics game <3


Oh I love noclip! thanks for sharing I have to watch it!
Yes FTL was the inspiration but I wanted to also add the outside ship aspect and give it some XCOM vibes

I remember seeing a trailer of your game a few months ago. The FTL influence really shows. I'm excited see where the game is going next!


Hey Space Cats! Glad to see you made it over here!

Looking forward to seeing some content from you. ๐Ÿ˜

Stardew is on my short list of games to try one day.


Stardew is just amazing =)
will post stuff soonish


1) I'm Corey! I came here after seeing this site mentioned on Twitter, and it seems like a pretty cool space! Currently playing around with making a simple 1-level puzzle game in godot

3) Currently I've been really enjoying shorter games, but I loved A Short Hike, because it was the perfect size game for me to play in the amount of time I have available in a day.


A Short Hike is on my list of games to play! Sounds like something you can pick up for a few minutes at a time when you get a chance?


Hey, I'm Brett! My interest in indie game dev started with RPG Maker XP and have recently picked it back up in adult life to make some cool fun stuff! Currently running a small indie studio on the side with my partner.

Found this community thanks to @tjb !

Favorite Games: Tales of Symphonia, Splatoon 2, Celeste, Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario 3D World, Earthbound, Mario Kart 8 DELUXE, Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Smash Bros Series

Looking forward to joining this community!

Current Projects:
๐Ÿงฉ LoFive - iOS, puzzle tile game, currently on the App Store
๐ŸŒ€ Project Swirl - Unity, 2D pixel action platform with a fun mixing mechanic


I've been thinking about trying out RPG Maker. How easy is it to get into?


Itโ€™s been maybe 13 years or so since I used RPG Maker XP but I really loved it! Introduced me to sprites and basic programming. You could build some really cool stuff and had a pretty large amount of freedom!

I know RPG Maker is still making software now, so I can only imagine how robust their engines are now! I would totally recommend at least trying it out if there are any free trials or demos. ๐Ÿ‰โš”๏ธ๐Ÿ”ฎ


Hello my fellow developers, I am new here. I passionately make games. I love programming and other stuff related to computer science. I was wondering how i was deprived from such a big community. But now i am a member๐Ÿ˜Ž.

I have a itch.io page where i upload absolutely free games every now and then. The page is indigo123.itch.io/

If you happen to accidentally download any of my game, the only thing i request from you is some kind of FEEDBACK. It is the most important thing for me.

Thanks for readings this novel๐Ÿ˜‰.


Big is a relative term, we like to think we're small but growing! We're glade to have you here though. Feel free to post about your games and anything else game dev. FYI we LOVE to play test builds and give feedback on games :)


Thanks will love to have feedback from you


Hello everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹

I am a self-taught Unreal developer for almost 2 years. I used mostly BP and then I switched on CPP there is 2 months ago.
I will have a Master of Computer Science degree at the end of September. I have mostly skills on web field but I am strongly interested in Unreal Engine and what we can build with it (so not only about game development).

I was looking for a community with all engines mixed up to know more about them.

I am working on a video game project with another artist: WIP!

I have a lot of favorite games.. actually ... I am playing Skyrim again!!



We have a ton of devs who work in Unity and Godot. I myself am a fanboy of Godot. A couple unreal devs poke around here but no real content posted about it. I would love to learn more about that engine and the games built using it. As far as Skyrim, I've played that game on PS4, PC and Switch. It's probably the one game I have the most playtime on :) Glad to have you! If you have time you should share your WIP. We love to see unfinished work here!


Sure, I will be glad to share it! ๐Ÿ˜„


Welcome and congratulations on nearing the completion of your masters!

How is Unreal's blue printing system? I've only seen some videos of it but haven't tried it myself yet.

What did you use to teach yourself?


Hi and thank you! ๐Ÿ˜„

Unreal Engine BluePrint system is really cool and easy to use! One of the great things about Blueprints is that non-programmers can build / prototyping video game or something else. You don't have to learn C++ if you would like to build something.

I mostly used Unreal Engine YT channel, they do a lot of tips /tricks & "Getting Started" videos. I used some other YT channels too. Also, I did a dummy project and touched everything I could. How this should be implemented, how this works etc. ๐Ÿ˜„

Unreal engine weakness is about its documentation, it is not rare you can find a page about a function with there is no much information.
Now, you can learn through Unreal Online Learning, it is free, for beginner and advanced. Very useful!


Poor documentation is the weakest of sauces. I'm super excited to be in a day and age where people really value open source for engines. So if something isn't working you can take a deep dive into what you're trying to use and learn how you're trying to use it.

I will for sure add another bookmark to my pocket....๐Ÿ˜†

I've always felt unreal is too complex for small indie game devs, but perhaps that's because you can make some really great games using it. This blue print system sounds pretty cool. I might check it out once my Godot series is over.


Hi everyone. My name is Eke Enyinnaya Diala, a software engineer from Nigeria. Here to connect with a community of builders. Glad to be here.


Welcome! What interests you with indie game development?


Hope we see more indie game dev guides and articles here (โ‰งโ–ฝโ‰ฆ)


We have a couple people making some great content after only 5 days of being live. I expect to see that number grow in the coming weeks. Each of us can help by sharing this community with people we know and sharing links to content on social media! I appreciate everyone of you early adopters. Getting a community going is tough work :)


We do too! Thanks for joining the community.


Hi everybody! I'm one of the developers working on dev.to!

Recently, I've been learning some game development as a hobby. Primarily, I'm modding M&B Bannerlord, but I'm also learning Unreal.

I'll be checking this site for tutorials and content, and I might even share some of the stuff I'm learning. :)

I don't play games as much as a I used to, but my favorite games are CS:GO (was DMG in college), Fallout New Vegas, Knights of the Old Republic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII, and Ocarina of Time.

When I have time, I'm goofing off in Gold/Plat on Valorant.


What's been your approach to learning Unreal?

Are getting into using C++ or trying to utilize the Blueprint to build your games?


Yo! Whatโ€™s up! One day, I want to release a VR game thatโ€™s been occupying my thoughts ๐Ÿ˜Ž


Hey! I checked out your MMA site. Pretty cool stuff!


Hi, everybody! I'm a designer and I created a website that references video games interfaces. I found this community on Twitter.

My favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.



There are so many different ways to approach ui/ux in the world. I can definitely see myself checking out your site to get some inspiration, or solve a ui problem I'm working on.


Hey everyone!

I'm an ex amateur game developer, a gamer and a big business and data nerd.

I recenty launched a free game market research platform to help indie devs make better data driven solutions.

I'm also a big fan of just talking about games business models, revenue models, marketing and anything else to do with the businessy side of things. Just get in touch!


Welcome! Super excited to see your progress with insights.

How are you an ex-amateur game developer? And what inspired you to come up with your platform?



I used to make some browser based games when I was a teenager and that grew into a couple of incremental clicker games that I developed with some friends, but were ultimately never launched as our real jobs got super busy and we dropped the project.

I think that, tied to the fact that I've always been a gamer and interested in the business side of things, really sparked my interest in the space.

I'm a strategy consultant as a full time role and it was when I did a consulting project in the games industry when I realised that there is only a choice of super expensive good data (eg Newzoo) or cheap, but not super well packaged data (eg Steamspy) and there's actually nothing that great for indie devs out there to utilise right now. So I thought I'd give it a go with a friend of mine to see if we can provide some value to the developers.


Hi everybody! It's 1AM on Sunday and I'm working on Godot Engine game stuff. I love all things web dev and JavaScript as well as gamedev for the web. I got a late night PM on Twitter and here I am! I hope to post lots about Godot and other aspects of #gamedev, as well as Pixel Art and Blender learnings as well!


I recently started working in Godot, and so far I am a huge fan of the opensource game engine! I look forward to reading your posts.


1AM -- the only productive time during the day. ๐Ÿ˜„



I'm Jessica or Clammiee, I just graduated school in independent video-game development and am working solo on my very first commercial game; Capital Profit!

You can sign up to the kickstarter here kickstarter.com/projects/clammiee/...
And/ or follow my development here: twitter.com/Clammiee

My goal is to be able to run my own games studio with multiple employees and be the project manager! Big dreams haha!

My favorite game is Persona 5, is it anyone else's?


Congratulations! What inspired you to pursue your major choice?

Best of luck on the kickstarter and hope it's a great first step toward your dreams!

I haven't gotten into the Persona series yet, however I am a fan of rpgs, primarily Final Fantasy. ๐Ÿ˜„ What do you like most about it?


You can major in indie game dev!?!? I feel like I missed out there :)

Your dream is big, but everyone starts small! Our dream here is to create a community for people to help each other build games! Someday we hope to do this more than a side-gig too!


When I was looking at colleges game development was a new major at some colleges. I almost did it but there was no way I could afford it.


Hey everybody, I'm Ryan! I'm here as part of the Lets Build team and I've always enjoyed indie games. Games from smaller studios/indie developers always seem to have a lot of heart and polish to them which is what attracts me to them.

Favorite Games: Rocket League, FFVII, Firewatch, Human Fall Flat, Minecraft, RDR2, Breath of the Wild, The Last of Us.

Looking forward to seeing what this community turns into!


hey everyone! glad to find something for game devs based on content creation/sharing


Glad to see you got in!