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Hey there! Welcome to Lets Build!


Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!


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Hey, I'm a web developer by profession. But I'm fed up with building web things for a long time. So, I'm learning game dev & related topics. My target is to make a living from game-dev starting from next year.

I live in Sri Lanka.

About LetsBuild

I was searching for a community to share my work & learn from each other. I think I found the correct place :D


Welcome! We're glad to have you here!

What are you learning to use for game development? Unity, godot, unreal?

I'm glad we are here to help achieve your goal, and best of luck! 😄


For now, I'm trying with Unity. But I'd also like to learn some Unreal too.
I assume those are the main two platforms. (Especially, if you are looking for a job/freelance work)

And I'm learning some Blender as well.


Hello fellow web developer! Glad to see you here and can't wait to follow along on your journey! You definitely found the right place. We're still growing, but you're in good company!


Thanks. I'll participate in the best ways I can.



I am a developer for the last 10 years, two years ago I started to build my own games and continue growing in this area.


Check out the games if you have time.

Thank you!

Going to share my experience here by posting articles around #gamedev.


Welcome! For only 2 years your games really have a lot of polish. Are you a solo dev or do you work with a team?


For 3 games I was hiring in Upwork to make the art, development by me, and teammate(then he decided to skip the idea to continue to work together because of no free time) using Unity, C#. Starting from Crystal Blast I have a designer in a team, it means one developer (me) and one designer now :)

We are a small team but effective enough because of making everything only in free time.

How was your experience finding a team on Upwork?

Congrats on your success so far and welcome!


Welcome Alexandr! Took a look at the games from Balcony Games and they look really fun. Looking forward to any tips or advice of yours from your experiences!


I've been contacted some time ago over twitter ( twitter.com/DragonDreamsGD ) . I did not understand back then what was meant with "joining the community" (unclear post). Just found this place recently and figured that was the intended message back then.

I'm the founder of "Dragon Dreams" ( dragondreams.ch ) and the Developer of the "Drag[en]gine Game Engine" ( dragondreams.ch/?page_id=152 , github.com/LordOfDragons/dragengine ) as well as the "Epsylon" game.


That's awesome! How long have you been working on the engine?


It depends on how you count and from what stage on. In the beginning it had been Windows+DirectX until I learned this is crap (both, Windows and DirectX). At some time I decided to make this engine not mine but usable for anybody to solve the annoying design Unreal and Unity still has nowadays. So the engine evolved alongside the Epsylon project (and experimental side-projects to test it). Officially called Drag[en]gine it had been I think somewhere around 08 or this. Back then on OGL2. Really working strongly on it had been some years ago when switching to OGL4. Around that time the release features had been defined to set a release goal which happened this year.

So yeah, pick what you like. Important is the official first release year 2020. From here on I want to build up a community around the game engine. Back then people wanted to join but it had not been stable enough to let people loose on it. Now it is so if people are interested they can use it for projects or help improve the game engine.

I believe in free software and I believe a free software game engine can take on the battle with existing commercial engines if the design is right and people support the cause.

That's awesome, I'll definitely have to check out the engine one day! Feel free to show your content and engine on my Discord in the #showcase or #promotion channels if you'd like (discord.gg/bvQEGk7). Good luck on your release :)


Hey, I'm a junior in college majoring in computer science and I actually found this from your steam username when I played against you on rocket league (which is my favorite game). I am completely new to all of this stuff, but I think it is really cool what you guys are doing here and I hope to learn a thing or two about developing. If there are any threads/posts/tutorials for complete newbies please let me know.


Well we're glad to have you! As far as tutorials for newbies, you should check out ALL the stuff @samyam_utube posts here and her youtube channel. She makes great content for entry level devs and does a excellent job explaining the "what" and the "why". It sounds like you have some programming experience with your college so that should help a lot!


Ello. If you want to do things in relation to game dev, I'd suggest first learning unity. Its a pretty good tool and its how I got started first. I took a Udemy.com course on how to use it which made it pretty easy. The course no longer exists but you can find new ones with 5 or 4 star ratings. Udemy courses tends to be pricey, but if you shop around holidays, a $100 dollar course usually sells for $10ish. I bought 16 from them by following that strategy. Once you have a good grasp on how to use the tool and make some simple stuff, the internet / youtube is littered with TONS of samples and tutorials on how to do various different things with unity that you can learn once you understand all the basics.

Once you have a good grasp of game development and how to do math with vectors and quaternions, you can continue doing unity or choose to dive deeper by trying to learn how to build a game engine from scratch (again, what I ended up doing). This will really test your skills in computer science where normal dev work doesn't. There is a few youtube series out there teaching that specifically, using various programming languages and graphic APIs. I personally feel like WebGL is the better way to start learning raw graphic APIs since it requires no development stack you need to setup. Just notepad and a chrome browser and in no time you can be rendering 3D stuff. But if your a C++ guy, there are people that teach using that, some with OpenGL, or Vulkun and I believe one guy is doing Direct X12. If your a mac user, maybe Metal would be something you'd like to learn but you can also pick up WebGPU first which is based on Vulkan / Metal, just need Chrome/Safari and Nodepad.

Either way you go or how deep you wanna go, just remember to just have fun with it. Don't drive yourself stir crazy because you can't get something working right (speaking from experience). If you take your time, everything will eventually click. During my journey, Every bump in the road I thought was a mountain I couldn't pass but eventually climbed over that sucker to the next bump.


Welcome! There are so many opportunities out there for game development for sure!

I started a dive into Ren'Py for visual novels which is built off Python. It's not super heavy in Python so far I've found it developing something without a ton of code.

At the moment it's incomplete, since I may have blown up the scope. 😄

If you're interested in seeing some techniques about WebGL, check out some sample projects @sketchpunk has been working on while developing a Halftone Shader and Kinematic Rigs.

I look forward to seeing your creativity and projects you share with us. 😄


Well hello there fellow forem! I was always told that to create an indy game you had to be amazing at maths. 😭


You don't have to be amazing at math! Just some basics and you learn more as you go :)


I think programming makes you less good at math!


Our old welcome thread was getting kinda long! Made a new one to for people to say hi!

Hey everyone!


This little community is growing up :)


Hello, im the game director and lead programmer of the small game studio known as bray game studios, were currently working on a top-down open world fantasy rpg known as the books of valour: Mervansted.


I'm loving what we've seen out of this community so far and can't wait to see more!

Welcome welcome welcome!