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Cover image for Unity Announces Cloud Content Delivery Service

Unity Announces Cloud Content Delivery Service

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

Today Unity announced a new content delivery services that will allow game developers to manage and distribute content to their players.

What does this mean for me?

For most small games this doesn't really add a ton of value to what you are already doing, however for content heavy games that have ton of items, updates or models, I can see this service simplifying the delivery process of that downloadable content. If you think about it too, most of the time you don't really need to update the underlying software of a game to add a some models and textures.

This announcement also reveals a nice shift in the way Unity is approaching the market. Instead of building something very specific to Unity, they opted to implement a standardized API that can be integrated with any game engine! This makes fanboys of Godot (like me) able to try out this service without having to crawl back to Unity, although I have to imagine Unity's integration of this service will draw some developers back (even me perhaps).

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Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!


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cpluta profile image
Chris Pluta

Super cool! It's interesting how they are trying to make something like Azure DevOps or Heroku if your familiar with web development.

I'm curious if these new items exist in the bucket if there is a loader that checks for updates that is provided, or it creates a patch installer. Something to try out later for sure!

What do you think this impact has on something like itch?

rcarlson profile image
Robert Carlson Author

I would bet money they try to enter the publishing space......