Share a screenshot of what you are building!

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It's been a while since I've posted a show and tell here. Let's take a minute and show off something each of us has been working on in the comments below. Pics or it didn't happen! Special points for stuff that's not finished <3

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Hay. I am making a flappy bird clone called FLAPPY PLANE. Yeah i know it is one of the easiest game to make but i always wanted to make one. I am enjoying making it with some new game mechanics and personal touch. I will upload the final build on my itch.io page where you can download it for free . I post new games on my itch every now and then. If you happen to play any of my game, please please leave a FEEDBACK on the game's page. Feedback means a lot to me.

Flappy Plane

Flappy plane


Don't hate the flappy bird clones! Heh, what is your plan for the stars?

How cool would it be if you had to collect fuel to stay in the air! Just thinking out loud here! Maybe add some power ups to collect? There are a ton of ways you can make this game unique :)


Well i have to say, your thinking coincides with mine. I was about to add a game mode ( called challenge mode ) where power ups ( in place of stars ) are needed to stay in air. Btw i don't hate flappy bird ( aka one of the most successful game ever made ) i was just saying that flappy bird despite of being so easy to make, is a huge success. Well that is true only in our beloved indie game dev life😍😍.


Studying UE4, I ended with a prototype of a 4x Splitscreen with huds (spherical and plain) in a 6DOF FPS (like Descent or Forsaken).
(not finished, blueprints-only, can be shared)

And I worked a few days to answer my question "How much Dev/GameDev stuff can be installed in a Raspberry Pi4?" :
(kind of finished, somewhat hard to explain/share)


Wait.... are you developing ON a Raspberry Pi4?


Not as my main gamedev machine, but yes. :)
At first it was just curiosity and I didn't expected to use it often, I also didn't know that RPIs have so many gamedev apps and tools. I was amazed how well everything runs, now it's turned on 24/7 and is being used frequently.

Thats crazy! Do you mind writing something up on how you did that?

I have a PI in the closet I've been meaning to touch one day and haven't gotten around to it...

Also have you ever looked into Pico8? It's designed to be run on microprocessors and just lightweight with graphics and sounds which are more or less midi files.

Thanks, it's on my todo list to write an article about this, when I got it done, I'll share here too.
Pico8 is awesome, I loved it, it's installed and running good.
I also got PixelVision8 installed, is another fun fantasy console system, but isn't running at full speed yet.
And there is 8bitworkshop too, a webserver hosting a full web IDE to code and build Atari2600/NES/Others ROM assembly.

I have not seen those before -- thanks for sharing I'll need to check them out.


I've spent the last day working on the animations and physics of my 2d space simulator. I'm really digging the rotate animations :)