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New Feature

As some of you may have noticed, our site has changed recently. Included in this update is a new Podcasts feature. Let's dig into the feature a little.

Playing Podcasts

To play a podcast simply click on the new Podcast link and select the podcast you want to listen to. From here you can continue to browse the site while listening to your podcast.

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Recommending Podcasts

At the moment all podcasts require approval, however it's super easy to submit your favorite podcasts. You can request a new podcast be added using the Suggest Podcast link on the Podcasts page.

Note: The slug is the relative url path you want to use for the podcast.

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Getting Feedback

This feature is still in beta, so be patient if you decide to use it! Please include any feedback you have in the comments below :)

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Yesterday I saw this tweet and Spotify List, looks like a collection of various GameDev podcasts.
I'm not into podcasts but perhaps this links can be useful.


Thanks for sharing, I'll check this out today and maybe add more to our collection!


Found another gamedev podcast today, from RealTimeVFX.com community - RTVFX Podcast - Travis McCallum .

Thanks for sharing! I added it to our podcasts section

play pause Real-Time Visual Effects

I'm glad it was helpful.
Another one, probably one of the biggest on game industry, is Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences - Game Makers Notebook .
Sorry for not using the Suggest Podcast site function, I don't consume podcasts and I can't guarantee if any of these are actually good.

No worries, we review each one anyway, so it doesn't matter if you recommend it here or there :)