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It's Another Feedback Friday

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

Hey LetsBuild Community, it's that time of the week to share what you are working on!

You know the rules.... pics or it didn't happen :) Just kidding... but seriously... we want the pics!

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Not much to show at the moment, I was ready to start study WebGL and WebXR but I got distracted by the dozens of WebAPI (which I didn't know yet) and ended up creating a boilerplate for my next Web projects. It's so small and feature rich, that maybe I use it to participate in the next js13kgames (GameJam Javascript with 13Kb size limit).
WebAPIs running at the moment are: WASM, WebWorker, ServiceWorker, Notifications, PWA Installable, Caches and Offline browsing, Fullscreen, Mouse/Touch PointerLock, Local and Session storage, WAI-ARIA accessibility.
WebXR project
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How has it been getting into WebGL?

Are you looking at building a framework for multiple games or do you have something in mind you're planning on tackling?


I don't know, I didn't touched WebGL yet! :) I blame MDN Web APIs List for distracting me.

Indeed, a framework for all my future webdev projects. Nothing specifically to tackled yet, for now it feels more like gathering all the tools, preparing the workbench and workflow.


Working on making deaths more epic with some slow motion.



Awesome! How did you separate the ship? Procedural or through an animation?


Animation, I think that is going to be my next topic for learning though!


I don't have a ton to show. I've been getting back into my Breakfast Tale and coming up with the story. I've incrementally been adding to the repo for it though.

I'm still having fun with it at least 😄.

The other day I was trying to figure out how to loop over a set of dynamic values and it felt cumbersome. I'm probably missing something, but I'm sure there is something to add to my next post to help someone one day. 👍