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How I create GIFs for my games

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

Sometimes the best medium for sharing your game content is a GIF. It's highly compatible and easy to consume for readers. I wanted to take a minute to share my process for creating GIFs using one of my go to tools, Screen To Gif.

1) Open screen to gif & click Record
2) Run the app and do stuff
3) Stop recording (takes a minute to process)
4) Trim content to what I care about showing
5) Reduce frame count by 50% (helps make gif smaller)
6) Crop frames to only include game

This is in response to:

Ironically I was not able to share this in GIF format because the frames needed exceeded 1000 (a letsbuild limit). So it goes without saying length of your content is a factor when deciding to use GIFs.


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gamedev4k profile image
Game Dev 4K

Nice. I haven't seen this before. Looks like a nice tool.
I was using something from GHIFY.

samyam_utube profile image

Nice! I use Gyazo