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How I create GIFs for my games

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

Sometimes the best medium for sharing your game content is a GIF. It's highly compatible and easy to consume for readers. I wanted to take a minute to share my process for creating GIFs using one of my go to tools, Screen To Gif.

1) Open screen to gif & click Record
2) Run the app and do stuff
3) Stop recording (takes a minute to process)
4) Trim content to what I care about showing
5) Reduce frame count by 50% (helps make gif smaller)
6) Crop frames to only include game

This is in response to:

Ironically I was not able to share this in GIF format because the frames needed exceeded 1000 (a letsbuild limit). So it goes without saying length of your content is a factor when deciding to use GIFs.


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This tool looks really good !
I test it now.


I just finish to try it, and it's a really nice and quick tool ! 👌

+A gif in 2min
+Easy to use
+Free and Open Source

-About 20% heavier than a Gif made with Photoshop
(I have 10 years of Photoshop and a degree in computer graphics and I save only 20% of the weight but it takes me 10 more minutes for very little savings).

*When you save your Gif with the "Neural Network" option, your GIF may be interpreted.
BlueFish True2D
As you can see after my player hits an enemy it turns transparent which is absolutely not normal.

For this example, with the option "Most Used Color" everything is perfect !
BlueFish True2D


Nice. I haven't seen this before. Looks like a nice tool.
I was using something from GHIFY.