How do you "tune" your game's difficulty?

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・1 min read

I'm struggling with my game at the moment. Specifically around how difficult to make it. When play testing my asteroid shooter I found the laser hard to control. I tried tweaking the controls scheme, but I couldn't get it to feel right.

Told solve this problem I ended up building a "tracking" system where the laser locks on to a target and tracks it once you hit it with the laser. If you let go of the laser the tracking stops and you can resume controlling your ships rotation.

Without Object Tracking

Alt Text

With Object Tracking

Alt Text

Your Thoughts?

I'm curious what your thoughts are on my specific design choice, but also I'd like to know what sort of considerations you have when determining difficulty in your game?


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Target locking would make the level too easy. What you have to do rotate 360 degree and if in the way, any asteroid comes, it will automatically lock the target and then its all done. But i haven't played the game, so if controls are too hard, maybe this will work.


Can you explain this further? I'm not sure I understand the difference from what you are proposing.


I mean target locking would make shooting too easy.
But poor controls are also bad.
So i think a playable demo can help us in determining which one would remain in the game.

I'll include a playable demo in my next devlog series with the option to enable/disable locking :) I'm on the fence right now with it so any feedback would be appreciated.


idk honestly when its up to tuning the difficulty its up to the level that you think is hardly playable ....
Good job tho keep on


Thanks! It's tough finding that perfect balance. I'm not trying to create a roguelike, but I also want some level of skill to this game. I had someone recommend maybe enabling tracking after 5 milliseconds of having the target selected. I might try something like that. It still feels a little to easy. I suspect I'll be tweaking this for a while :)