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Cover image for Fixing Blurry Pixel Art in Godot

Fixing Blurry Pixel Art in Godot

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・2 min read

If you a new to Godot and are working with pixel art you probably have found your artwork getting blurry when importing. At first you might think your art is not high-resolution enough, however this blurring effect is actually applied intentionally by Godot. I wanted to take a minute to show you how to fix this real quick.

Import your art with default settings

First lets start by importing your art into your project. I like to do this by simply dropping the png files into my godot project folder.

Alt Text

Now let's flip over to Godot and bring the sprite into our scene by selecting it in the the filesystem pane and dragging it onto the scene.

It's sooo blurry!

Alt Text

Notice how when we zoom in we see a blurry effect around the edges. Note: this is not present when you view the file on your computer, only when you view it through Godot.

This blurring is actually Godot applying a 2D filter to your imported image. For most art that is not pixelated this filter actually is helpful, but when you game depends on sharp edges and contrast (aka a pixel game) it can become an issue.

Fortunately we can change this very easily using Godot's UI!

Re-importing with 2D Pixel settings

Let's now change the import settings by selecting the image asset on the left and clicking the import tab.

Alt Text

Here you can view all the import settings. Note: the offending setting here is the filter property.

Alt Text

Simply unchecking filter and clicking reimport will fix the image. You can also use the 2D Pixel preset and click `reimport' as shown below .

Alt Text

There you have it! Fixing blurry images in less than 30 seconds using Godot's import settings :) I hope you enjoyed this, I plan on doing many more of these micro tutorials in the future.


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