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I know @redeagle mentioned in his profile he does voice acting, maybe there is a chance for a collab?


Nice, If he's up for it i'd love to get some voice lines. He could be rewarded with a spot in the credits and an NPC named after him :)


It will be my pleasure ! for good mesure here's an exemple of what I sounds like here

Thats really good! could you do some lines for the Carvens? Like you know in TES the way people say things to you depending on your reputation. Stuff like that. I'll get the lines ready later, Thanks for this :)

Of course that could be a lot of fun ! Just give me the lines with some instructions of the tone, the emotions and maybe the accent you want me to try and I'll do it.
You can send me everything on my e-mail : Rayankechekar@gmail.com

Wont be able to get the lines to you today sry it’s been a busy day. Been working on inventory stuff and animations.

Again sry for being extremely late im trying to get those lines to you as fast as possible

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