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A reason why LetsBuild exists

rcarlson profile image Robert Carlson ・2 min read

A community member of ours found a reddit post the other day from someone trying to find help and community for indie game dev. It reminded me why exactly we created this site and I wanted to share it with you all.

Here is the quoted post:

I've been writing a game for a bit. My question isn't about the game, but about the community.

Everywhere I go online, I hit groups with outrageous rules trying to PREVENT me from talking about what I'm doing or get other people interested in my work. "No posts about incomplete games" "No posts about works in progress" "Nothing that could even be vaguely consider promotion" "Only post about your game on the second Friday of every month unless there's a full moon" "If we think your question is hiding a promotion we'll ban you from the entire Internet"

I'm just trying to get some people to talk to me about the work I'm doing to see if I'm on the right track.

I understand that the Internet is full of spammers and there's ungodly effort in place to try to protect things from degrading to nothing but spam.

But, that leads me to my question: How does one actually communicate to people, then? I mean, the systems designed to stop spam are literally preventing me from discussing my work. It is insane how difficult it is to actually find people to have a conversation with.

source article

It is my hope that LetsBuild will continue to serve as a safe and welcoming place for people this. You can help us achieve this mission by being welcoming and supportive to everyone who finds their way here. Together we can make LetsBuild a great community :)


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Letsbuild is not just the best gamedev community ive been part of it is the best online community full stop. Keep up the good work and hopefully letsbuild gets more members :)