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My hunch is that it's a "power up," indicating the strength level of the laser (it increases in power the longer it's engaged). The horizontal bar in the middle is your "health" bar.

Sidenote, this would be a good usage of a Forem "spoiler" tag.


Where can i find documentation on this tag? I assume it hides/shows content we post?


Sorry, I meant to say "it would be nice for this to exist" and not "you should consider using this available feature."

I wrote up a request here: github.com/forem/forem/issues/9719


Interesting, I never would have thought of it looking like a power indicator, but I can see where you are coming from. The middle health bar you got correct!

As far as the new HUD element, a friend of mine recommended making the game harder by preventing the player from holding down the laser key. This new element is a temp indicator, if you hold it down too long your ship overheats and takes damage.

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