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For some reason Brutus comes to mind when thinking about a name for the "powerful" tank!


I like the idea of all the names being themed, why not Roman themed!


Sparkacus! for lightning tank!


I really like the idea of giving these tanks a name beyond simply "fast" and "powerful". A name gives the tank a sort of personality. Very cool!

As far as names go? I got nothing. Maybe I'll have something after thinking about this longer :)


They offered a lot of ideas. I wrote myself some interesting options. But I also continue to read and write, as they offer something better than it was before :)


My immediate reaction for a name for the basic tank is Tanky McTankFace. πŸ˜†


I don't know about the other tank but the Electric one should be named Tesla ! (or at least Nikola if you want it to be more subtle and without any copyright issues with the company of the same name)