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I just spilled coffee on my desk and it got me thinking. Would you ever consider adding fluid to your game? I could see coffee (or some other fluid) impacting traction of the tanks and slowing them down. Not sure if it fits the art style of the game though. Anyway, you sure got something special here if I'm going about my day and reminded of paper tanks :)


Hi, I think if our team was bigger then we could do a fluid animation or make a shader :)


I fixed your header gif. I had to scale the image down and reduce frame count to get it to load. Right now we are using a low tier CDN that has limits on file size which our site does not enforce, so it looks like a bug. We should have this fixed in our next update. Sorry about that!


Such a simple technique and it looks great so far!


I love that you take real life images and gamify them for use in the game. Adds an extra level of realism to it that makes it look great!