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Interface In Game - Collection of video games UI

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Hello Lets Build Community!
I created Interface In Game, a collection of video games interfaces, where you can find screenshots and videos for your daily inspiration. It's a free project developed by a dedicated team of passionate volunteers gamers.

-> https://interfaceingame.com/

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my project with you, hope a can help you in the creation of your game :)


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Hey there! 😁 Good to see you here and thanks for posting this.

What inspired you to make this inspiration site?


Hey Ryan 😁
For my work, I've searched for some good quality screenshots of video games interface with the whole user flow but I haven't found it. I thought I wasn't the only one looking for this kind of content, so I decided to create it.


You have quite a collection, what are some of the more interesting interfaces you've come across and enjoyed?

If I have to pick some I probably choose Dishonored 2, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and Frostpunk.

Hearthstone is such a great example of great UX!


That's great. Seems like the most useful stuff comes from seeing a need and filling it!


I'm in the process of making a 2d rpg and I think this would be a great tool for some UI inspiration. I like the curated aspect of the content too! Better than just doing a random google search.

Side question, do you have any plans for monetization? I know this is a passion project, but I'm curious what your long-term plans are for the site.

You should consider adding a "3d", "2d" or "2d isometric" filter to your content :)

Thank you for your feedback :)
In the future, I will propose some wireframe kits to help design conception.


Wow, this is incredible. Bookmarked and favorited!

A few months ago, while studying UI, I had lots of troubles to find good references from Game Menus. I ended up doing it myself and collecting screenshots from CodeVein, Nioh2, StarWars Jedi Order and OuterWorlds.

I did find some articles and sites, but they have 1 screenshot like Settings, while I was looking for a complete set like you did with Sekiro and others.

If you accept contributions, I could keep collecting screenshots and send you a full gallery for the next game I play (if not already on your site).