How to plan a new game

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divinity-world (2 Part Series)

1) How to plan a new game 2) Getting the environment ready

Hello LetsBuild.gg!

I was previously working on a series over on dev.to. This was to demonstrate getting started with an idle based game, I introduced the tick system and authentication. This time I want to blog about the progress of divinity.world an idle adventure game I am developing.


The first thing you need to do when you want to build a game is plan it. Jumping head on into the code and you will quickly find yourself in quicksand. You need a plan.

I have planned out the basics of my game as follows:

  • You have an avatar
  • You can walk around a map
  • You can interact with the map such as cutting trees, mining ore, talking to NPC's
  • The combat will be turn based and should support parties for dungeons
  • There is a chatbox
  • Authentication

So I have a few points which make up the basic gameplay, I can gather resources, talk to NPC's, fight and talk to other players. This will give me a base to expand upon later.

The how?

Now you have a plan of action and a base to work from, the next step is to choose the technology you want to use.

I will be using PHP (Laravel) primarily for most of the game and the API, VueJS will be for the frontend that consumes the API and NodeJS will be used for real time communication.

These 3 languages will give me all I need to start. Laravel provides a fast way to build API's. Vue provides incredible fast prototyping for the frontend as well as being speedy. Finally NodeJS will act as a subscriber to Redis to push out data from Laravel. How that works is Laravel pushes to Redis, Node then subscribes to Redis and pushes put the data it receives from there and sends it to Vue.

To Programming!

Not quite yet, that will be in the following articles, first we need a few things such as setting up your environment and building a map, this is purely theory and planning. If you want to follow along and build your own game get a plan together and figure out the how. The next post will be getting the environment setup and everything installed and running.

divinity-world (2 Part Series)

1) How to plan a new game 2) Getting the environment ready

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I like your point about having a plan in place. While it's really tempting to just jump in and get going, that can lead to a lack of focus and vision for a project. There will always be some basic setup stuff you can do to get a project going if you tend to use the same stack, but having a road map is important.

Knowing the basic tenants, like you laid out, is a great first step because then you can focus on each portion separately and be able to see how different parts will all work with one another!


Focus is definitely a big thing. If you don't have a plan you can quickly become scattered working on bits and pieces but never actually building something of substance


For the planning phase, do you think about setting of the game or the art? Or do you wait till you have a base of gameplay to start on that?


Come to think of it I did skip a few bits on planning. I've always had in my head the next game will be a fantasy RPG. Completely forgot to mention it sorry.

I'm always thinking about the art because there are so many directions to take. Even if you are creating a pixel game there are so many ways pixel art is drawn. But really delving into it if your also intending to have a map you need to consider whether it be orthogonal, isometric or hexagonal.

For me not having a budget the art dictates certain things like what monsters can be in and what tiles I can be used. I have a list coming in the next week or so that will list out a bunch of awesome resources to help you out.