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Cover image for Launching Open Land for Unreal Engine

Launching Open Land for Unreal Engine

gamedev4k profile image Game Dev 4K ・2 min read

Landscape photography is something I really enjoyed a lot. But I had to stop that since we had our baby & now due to Covid. But I always wanted to experience nature.

A few of my snaps

These are some of the pictures I took.

That's why I started working with Unreal Engine. So I can try to recreate the experience that I always wanted.

I started building landscapes with Brushify & I had a great time with that. But it had two main issues:

  • It's very hard to customize (You need to juggle trough material nodes & it's not fun when UE4 compiling things for every change)
  • I cannot share project files publicly since Brushify is a paid plugin

Meet OpenLand

I thought it'd be awesome if there's an open-source landscape building toolkit for Unreal Engine. So, I took the Unreal Master Material course & watch close to 50 Youtube tutorials. So, here's the result:

OpenLand is an open-source Landscape building toolkit for Unreal Engine. Currently, it comes with a customizable landscape auto-material. Soon, we will have a Road system, weather control, Megascans integration & so on.

Although Brushify inspires this project, this is not an exact clone or never wanted to steal Brushify creator's hard work.

As a part of the OpenLand announcement, I am creating a course on building landscapes in Unreal Engine. Check that on Youtube as well.
(I am looking to publish three lessons each week)

Enjoy & let's build some rocking landscapes.


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