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Game Analytics & Error Tracking for Unity

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I wanted to add analytics & error tracking for my game. So, I tried a few popular services. Here's how I did that & the outcome.

Watch this video to see the video analysis:

Here is the list of services I use.


PlayFab is not really an analytics service, but it's a fully-featured backend of games. It's from Microsoft & a lot of high-profile games are using it.

It has an analytics solution & we can use it. Here's how to se it up with Unity.

Game Analytics

Game Analytics is a FREE solution to track metrics for games. We can easily send the status of the gameplay directly & it can render graphs for us.

Here's how to set it up with Unity.

Besides metrics, it can track errors as well, which is really helpful.


MixPanel is a well-known product analytics solution. It is mostly used for mobile/web apps. But we can use that for games as well. Here's how to configure it for Unity.


Just like Mixpanel, Sentry is a popular error track solution for Web/Mobile apps. But we can re-purpose it for games as well. The Unity package of Sentry is simple & not fancy as others. But it gets the job done. Check this guide.

Here's a little helper I created for Unity. So, I can send data for each service without changing the core game logic.


I don't have real production traffic yet. To give a proper conclusion, I have to wait a bit. For now, I'm going to use all of these.

But, I really like MixPanel & Sentry as they offer much better flexibility in extracting the information I need. MixPanel could get very expensive, but I'm using their Startup offer.

I will use PlayFab as a backend for my game, So, sending analytics data to that is a no-brainer. I haven't yet sold on GameAnalytics, but I need to wait for more data.

Anyway, having analytics & error tracking from very early days helps us build an enjoyable game for users. So, don't defer it 😀.

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Thank you for an awesome share! Why are you leaning more toward PlayFab?

I also really appreciate the ability to grab machine info with sentry with low effort.


Why PlayFab?

I am looking to build a multiplayer game in the future. That's why I'm looking at it. It has everything we need.
So, we can forget about most of the backend work.