Minimum Viable Product What it is and How to

eranelbaz profile image eranelbaz ・1 min read

New video that I explain in it how I making my MVP planing, in order to get fast feedback from my clients and by doing so make more money,
Very useful for you to better plan your product!

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When you strip away everything to what you really need, it really helps give achievable goals to try out. Then your idea might grow in a totally different direction then you originally thought as well. @rcarlson had that happen to him recently in his game.

Thanks for sharing this with us!


Yeah its a humbling experience if you do it late in the project, better to start thinking MVP before you write a single line of code.


Agree, break all down and build


Reducing your game down to its core really pushes you to identify value. It also minimizes risk and maximizes the time spent building your game.