How do you promote your games?

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what is your way to get the world know about your new game?
I'm currently publishing Devlogs on facebook and gifs of reddit so people will come to my itch.io page or my YouTube channel

What are your tips and tricks?


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Letsbuild will definitely become a place for early adopters. I'd buy in here for sure. :)


To hammer this point home we also tweet out every post and try to come up with a compelling tagline for your game. I personally play every game before coming up with that tagline.

Posts are included in our weekly newsletter and @gamedevdigest also pulls posts from here for their weekly newsletter.


absolutely, if you have a Unity made game, and have a devlog or something interesting to show to other devs I will gladly feature it in the "Game Spotlight" section in the newsletter one week.


Twitter is always a great way to promote games. Gifs are key though. I get a ton more impressions if I show off a mechanic.

Also Thursday / Friday evenings tends to do better for me when promoting games on twitter.

Consider adding a catchy and compelling tagline too like 'looking for a great coop game with your partner tonight? checkout game [title]!' You have to sell a narrative :)

When we were first starting community building on Lets Build I promoted itch.io games daily and those considerations always performed well.


I actually just wrote a small article about my views on marketing - An 11 point marketing guide for small indie developers

From my experience with my platform (marketing of that is not that dissimilar to games) reddit and fb groups work best for views, Twitter works best for real community buiding and engagement with other devs and discord works as a hub for all your closest fans.

Apart from that, I think sites like letsbuild or writing articles on Gamasutra and such are a great way to get extra attention.

Apart from that, in the end, it's a numbers game. Some of my better posts have gone unseen and some of my very average posts have ended up getting a lot of attention. Consistent posting from very early on will give results.


Great question! I've always been curious about how people promote their games.