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Cover image for December #screenshotsaturday

December #screenshotsaturday

devcamilla profile image Camilla Santiago ・1 min read

The time has come for our first #screenshotsaturday showcasing promising progress posts from the community! Since this is the first (and last for the year), let's showcase posts further back for the whole year!

Let's get started!

New Feature Alert

@papertanks2 shares an exciting new feature for PAPER TANKS!

Art Style Overhaul

From pixel art to 3d, @rohan compares Books of Valour's big transformation

Adding Game Sound

Hear as @eranelbaz 's RocketJump come to life.

Game Dev Milestone

@redeagle looks back from Day 1 to 100 of developing Ash and Blood.

The Ultimate Progress

Beanus released! Check out @cm64_ 's game trailer here

So many inspiring progress this year! Looking forward to everyone's progress next month as we all plunge into holidays, which means more time to work on our games.😆 I myself is putting on more time on my game this vacation. Hopefully share it in this community soon! See you next year!


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cpluta profile image
Chris Pluta

I agree with the inspiring work everyone did this year. I'm in the same boat with vacation. Super excited to have limited commitments to work on some games. 😄