Cover image for My GMTK game jam submission is out. Check it out.

My GMTK game jam submission is out. Check it out.

devanshu19 profile image Devanshu19 ・1 min read

Hello fellow developers, i participated in gmtk game jam 2020. I really enjoyed making a game in 48 hours. Here is my submission

Alt Text


Alt Text

Alt Text

MagaZale. Check it out and don't forget to leave a FEEDBACK if you do so. Cheers.


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This is a cool concept! Is there any rhyme or reason to the controls changing? I found myself spending a considerable amount of time trying to understand what triggered the controls changing! It seems random though.


MagaZale is suffering from a disease in which his mind is partially unstable. He has a problem where he can't control his mind to move where he wanted to move. Due this reason, controls change. And yes, they are completely random. Although i wanted them to be according to a pattern which appears random. Because there are chances that a given set of key combinations doesn't come for a long time. But i was out if time.


Time ruins us all 😄.

This is an awesome concept! And congratulations on what you achieved in 48 hours! How did you split up your time as you tackled this project? It feels well put together.

The thing I found frustrating was when the arrow changed from right to left or vice versa and then all of a sudden your going in an opposite direction.

Also, how did you setup the levels? The one time I tried this I wrote my own level parser for XNA to render it. I feel like this is probably a simpler problem with particular assets.

Thanks Chris for trying out my game. I am so glad that you liked it. Yes it was intentional that whenever controls switch, key doesnt get disabled but they just work as opposite keys. It ask the player to give more attention to keys as any movement would get flipped if key combination changes in the middle. Also i used unity tilemap system to make my levels. Let me know if you have completed the game. Again thanks for playing. Why not check out my other games at :

Mega Quilawa


I found myself jumping mid air and having the controls switch, maybe giving the player some indication that his mind is "shifting" a 1-2 seconds before it happens would help!

It might also reinforce that its "random" :)

Thats what i thought. I wanted players to find that changing controls in mid air can help them play better. I have to say robert, you observe games soo closely. I was not expecting anyone doing that. Good job man. I wanted to add a progress bar that indicate changing controls but as always, time betrayed me.