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What is your biggest weakness?

cpluta profile image Chris Pluta ・1 min read

As we grow and dive deeper into our games, we learn more about ourselves to discover our strengths and weaknesses.

To help overcome these hurdles, sometimes we partner up with others to help compensate, or we might work through it until we have something we like. These areas might be art, programming, or marketing among others.

What is a weakness that you have? How have you worked to overcome it, or are you leaning into it and finding alternative ways to work with it?


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I tend to self isolate when life gets difficult or I'm in a creative rut, which doesn't help me grow as a person or as a creator. One way I try to break out of that is through communities such as twitter or lets build. Also COVID has only made this issue more difficult to manage.


COVID is definitely a challenge for us all. And where are all here for eachother. πŸ‘

When I isolate I listen to music to re-help with focus then try something new.


My biggest weakness as a developer in general is that I don't really learn well by being explained something. I sort of have to be using it and in the weeds. Tends to cause a chicken-and-egg problem for new things.


I'm with you in having things explained only gets you so far. When working/coaching someone I always subscribe to being a rubber duck, just listen and ask questions to help better understand the problem or find something new to look up.


My biggest weakness is I get too hung up on the details. There have been several prototypes I've made using Unity and just wasn't sure if I was doing something correctly.

The most recent example is from earlier this year, where I was trying to swap out weapons and change collision rules and damage to surrounding enemies. I wasn't sure if I should use delegates, send messages or just ping every object and manage it on each weapon hit. It's a struggle I have when I'm doing something I'm still learning instead of just doing and fixing it later.


I think my biggest weakness is probably my tendency to not ask for help. I've found myself struggling with something and trying to figure it out myself for probably too long before I ask someone else for help. Usually when I've exhausted my google-fu.