How do you Source Control Unity?

cpluta profile image Chris Pluta ・1 min read

At some point Unity had integration with GitHub, and now they seemed to change direction and use either Perforce or Plastic SCM. But these seem dedicated to teams and not anything easily accessible for others.

I know there are some people sharing their code over patreon or bitbucket. What I want to know is what files do you need to exclude so someone can either copy the files without issue, or if someone does contribute it won't result in a conflict.

Thanks for your help!


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github has a built in Unity gitignore that I use for my projects


Is this the one your referring to? github.com/github/gitignore/blob/m...

I'm really not sure how I never came across this x.x.


When you create a new repository, you can create this.
Actually, you need to create the .gitignore file from the GitHub UI.


Yep! With Github Desktop when you create a repo it lets you select a .gitignore and there is where I select the Unity one


I just use github, when creating the repo add a unity gitignore template :)